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Greetings people,
The latest addition to the Guevara Convention is Checkpoint303, with a track called Gaza Calling.
I think i came across them because they played alongside Massive Attack for the shows in support of the Hoping Foundation, a group that helps Palestinian children in refugee camps throughout the region.
Checkpoint 303´s members are based in Palestine, France and Tunisia, and i think are about as real as you can get, when it comes to authenticity and the struggle. The following is taken from their website.

Checkpoint 303 is inspired by the sounds that pace the daily lives of millions of people in the middle east. screeching sounds of bullets. echoing injustice. uproar. revolt. dispair and sadness. and still amidst all this the soothing sounds. of hope. of normality. trivial acts. life like everywhere else. this is not a video game. violence is not a moving image on tv. it's the daily nightmare of millions...

Gaza Calling features their friend Bilal, a citizen of Gaza, on the phone trying to get through to the United Nations. It´s a track about the hopes of help, a song about and for the international community.

I have spoken with Aleksander, the brains behind the Clandestino Festival in Gothenburg, Sweden about getting Checkpoint303 on-board for the next edition of the festival in June, and he agreed right away. He´s got good taste, does Aleks.

Over the next few months we hope to have tracks from the likes of Filastine and DJ /Rupture.
I´ve spoken with both, and they have some very interesting ideas regarding their respective contributions....don´t go too far.

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john hutnyk dijo...
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john hutnyk dijo...
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john hutnyk dijo...

As I meant to say - THIS is great - coming along fine.

(Clandestino! Fabulous/ Viva Fidel)